How to Talk to Your Friend During Their Weight Loss Journey

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No matter how motivated you feel to lose weight, it can still be a challenge. People in their weight loss journey not only have to contend with their own diet and exercise habits but need to be on guard against what others might say. When someone is losing weight, the ways others respond can help or harm them. If a friend or family member is losing weight, keep in mind:

Don’t Offer Food or a “Cheat Day”

Dieting doesn’t mean that you can never enjoy food again. However, it does usually call on a person to find a new rhythm in terms of how, when, and where they eat. When you offer food – whether it’s a donut in the morning or free lunch– you’re introducing a new hurdle. Most people will accept your offer to be nice and may end up feeling bad about it later.

Don’t Recommend a Special Diet

While some diets work, the best results come from changing eating habits as a whole and seeking out nutritious options at every meal. Most people see inconsistent results from specialized diets, and this is discouraging. On the other hand, if you have a fun, athletic hobby, you can offer to share it with your loved one in a low-pressure way. Finding the right approach to exercise is an important step toward weight loss.

Celebrate Successes

It’s perfectly fine to take an active interest in a loved one’s weight loss journey. One of the best ways is to ask open-ended questions and really listen to the answers. Focus on the positives, finding out what is working for them and what they are excited about in the process. In particular, be sure to join in and celebrate milestones they mention; nothing is too small! It can take a while for the scale to move, so don’t mention weight until they do.

Support Bouncing Back

Very few people find an ideal journey to weight loss; setbacks happen along the way. For example, someone may cut corners on a diet or skip an exercise. Inevitably, there’s guilt involved – and emotional support from others can make all the difference. Stay focused on the positive, reminding your loved one that the weight loss isn’t “ruined,” drawing attention to past successes, and reminding them tomorrow is another day.

There will be weight loss successes and challenges daily. Expert medical help can make success easier. To learn more about your weight loss journey and customizing a treatment plan, contact Dr. Shawna Purcell to book an appointment today.

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