Working from Home ‘Workouts’

Home Workout Routines

Everyone knows that spending all day sitting can be harsh on your health. Professionals working from home have particular challenges when it comes to getting enough exercise. They often find themselves sitting for long periods and might not take regular breaks. Luckily, it’s not so difficult to exercise throughout the day if you commit to take a little time for it.

By spending a few minutes on simple exercises, you can make a big difference. You might feel and even work much better!

Incorporate More Cardio Into Your Day

Cardiovascular exercise is truly essential to overall health. It strengthens your heart and helps it to pump blood more efficiently throughout the body. Luckily, cardio is very straightforward. Walking on the treadmill for ten minutes, or running for as little as five minutes, can influence blood pressure and energy level throughout the day. You can also do cardio routines following videos or by dancing to your favorite music.

Easy Full Body Exercises You Can Do Right at Home

There are plenty of terrific full body exercises that only take a few minutes:


This strange-sounding exercise provides a wonderful workout once you get it right:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and both arms loose at your sides.
  • Push the hips back, bend knees, and ease yourself toward a squatting position.
  • Put your hands on the floor right in front of, and just inside, your feet.
  • With weight on the feet, “leap” back to enter a plank position.
  • From this position, jump your feet back to just outside your hands.
  • Reach arms over head and explosively propel yourself into the air.
  • Land and lower back into the squat pose – get ready for the next rep!


The standard plank starts with planting the hands under the shoulders a little wider than shoulder width apart – similar to a push up. Then, ground the toes into the floor and stabilize yourself by squeezing the glutes. Relax excess tension out of the neck by looking at the floor about a foot past your hands. When your head and neck are aligned, hold the position for 20 seconds.

Wall Sits

Wall sits are fun because you can do them without even leaving your home office if you wish. Simply start with your back flat against the wall. Then, position your feet shoulder width apart and get them about two feet from the wall. Slide your back downward until the legs reach a 90 degree angle. Finally, hold the position for about 20-30 seconds while contracting the abs.


Getting up from your seat and stretching is always good, but you can do even more when you incorporate true yoga poses. Yoga improves flexibility and strength, helps tone the body, and can even alleviate pain. There are many basic standing positions, such as the Mountain and the Warrior pose, as well as dozens that can be performed while sitting to help your back.

Other Habits That Can Help

  • Sit on An Exercise Ball - A good exercise ball can be as comfortable as a chair. You might not even notice your lower body working to keep you balanced during the day, helping protect your legs, hips, and low back.
  • Walk Whenever You Can - Walking is a good idea whenever you can make time for it – and so is taking the stairs. Building the habit of taking a brief walk will also remind you not to skip on lunch and other breaks!

A doctor’s advice can help you reach your health and fitness goals from home. To learn more, just contact Dr. Shawna Purcell.

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