Am I a Good Candidate for Medical Weight Loss Classes?

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When you need to lose weight, dieting and exercising on your own aren’t always enough. You might not achieve your weight loss goals, which can end up leading to a frustration that causes you to stop trying. With medical weight loss, you can count on reaching your personal weight loss goal while under the guidance of a doctor. Find out more about medical weight loss classes, so you can determine if they might be a good option.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss refers to a weight loss program that is done under the guidance of a doctor or other medical provider with the right training. This type of weight loss offers a personalized weight management plan that addresses the underlying cause of your weight gain. Knowing why this weight gain occurs helps you learn to overcome it and lose excess pounds. Working with a trained doctor ensures that you receive expert guidance while you take part in medical weight loss classes.

What to Expect from Medical Weight Loss Classes

When you take medical weight loss classes, you can expect to meet with a trained doctor who will go over your medical history. This information provides your doctor with valuable insight into the most effective ways for you achieve weight loss. For example, if you have diabetes, your doctor will factor this into the nutritional part of your classes. When your doctor has enough information, they will create a customized weight loss plan for you. You and your doctor will go over the details of this plan, which typically include a nutritional plan and an exercise plan. As you go through these classes, you can expect to learn healthier ways to eat and get into the habit of getting regular physical activity, which helps you keep off excess weight.

Good Candidates for Medical Weight Loss Classes

Medical weight loss classes can be beneficial for anyone who is concerned about excess weight. Maintaining a healthy weight significantly lowers the risk of serious health problems. While these classes can help anyone with weight loss goals, they are particularly beneficial for people with a body mass index (BMI) of at least 30, which is considered obese. Those who have a lower BMI and high cholesterol, diabetes or another serious condition related to obesity can also benefit from medical weight loss classes.

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Classes

What makes medical weight loss classes a better method of weight management than doing it on your own? When you take these classes, you’ll have a trained expert to turn to for advice, guidance, and support. These classes also help you set up healthy habits so that you can lower your risk of gaining too much weight again. In fact, these habits can benefit you for the rest of your life. Once you achieve your weight loss goal, you’ll also be healthier and have a lower risk of serious health problems.

If you need more information on medical weight loss classes, please contact Shawna Purcell, MD to set up an appointment. Our specialists can help you determine if these classes are a suitable option for you.

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