How Does a Body Composition Analyzer Work?

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Many people want to lose weight, and accurate information can be a vital tool to help you succeed. The scale and even your BMI (body mass index) provide very incomplete – and sometimes misleading – data that won’t help your weight loss efforts. That’s why the InBody 770 body composition machine has become an important part of weight loss as well as diabetic care.

In this blog, Dr. Shawna Purcell of Capital Diabetes & Weight Loss Center in Olympia Washington explains how an InBody 770 body composition analyzer works and can help you reach your goals:

What is the InBody 770 body composition machine?

The InBody 770 body composition and body water analyzer provide an extremely accurate look at body composition as well as body water.

Other machines concentrate on producing only a report on body composition, which describes what the body is made of, including fat, protein, minerals and body water. The InBody 770 also provides a separate report on body water so you can identify trends and identify shifts in fluid distribution.

How is it used?

This machine is used to provide specific, accurate information on what the body is made of, including fat, protein, minerals and body water. It’s as simple and comfortable as standing on the device, holding the hand electrodes, and getting a result in just 60 seconds.

This information is invaluable in helping you determine your health risks and enabling you to track your weight change in a more accurate, meaningful way. Instead of using BMI, which calculates your weight (in kilograms) divided by your height, the body and water composition reports help track whether your weight changes are coming in your fat or muscle.

Since muscle weighs more than fat, this is an important distinction, since you could be building muscle and losing fat, and this progress wouldn’t show up by calculating your BMI.

Who makes a good candidate for this analyzer?

This analyzer is appropriate for a wide variety of candidates, including patients who want to lose weight. It offers a way for your doctor to understand your physiological makeup and create a unique weight-loss plan that’s more likely to be successful for you. It can assess your balance of muscle and fat as well as visceral fat and identify fluid imbalances that could be related to inflammation or an underlying disease.

In addition, repeated use of the analyzer can be used to determine how effective your treatments have been so they can be adjusted as needed.

What type of analyzer does the Shawna Purcell Capital Diabetes & Weight Center use?

We use the Inbody 770 body composition machine because of the advanced information it provides and the way it helps us tailor your weight loss and health plan to your individual body and needs. It’s also quick and comfortable for the patient and has no negatives.

Who can benefit from using one?

If you’re trying to lose weight, you can benefit from the information provided by the InBody 770. It’s also helpful for people with diabetes since it monitors visceral fat and fluid retention. The machine can also be used for people who have cardiology issues as well as a wide range of other health concerns.

If you’d like to learn more about your body composition and water composition or losing weight, make an appointment today with Shawna Purcell Capital Diabetes & Weight Loss Center in Olympia WA. Our practice is dedicated to helping you improve your health with advanced weight management and diabetes care.

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