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Are Weight Loss Supplements Effective?

Nutritionist doctor writes the medical prescription for a correct diet on a desk with fruits, drugs and supplements, web banner and copy space template
January 25th, 2019

With the new year starting, weight loss is usually the number 1 goal. Even if you hit your weight loss goal through diet and exercise, it can be a challenge to continue to keep the weight off. Losing weight is not always about looking good, but rather about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people who […]

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How Does a Body Composition Analyzer Work?

woman on InBody Composition Analyzer
November 15th, 2018

Many people want to lose weight, and accurate information can be a vital tool to help you succeed. The scale and even your BMI (body mass index) provide very incomplete – and sometimes misleading – data that won’t help your weight loss efforts. That’s why the InBody 770 body composition machine has become an important […]

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When Should I Consider Weight Loss Supplements?

Woman drinking a meal replacement shake (protein shake)
September 18th, 2018

For many, gaining weight can happen quickly – but dropping the weight can be a long, uphill battle. The frustration of seeing extra pounds on the scale can be maddening. When you have to lose pounds, especially when you have weight-related health issues, weight loss supplements may be what you need. What Are Weight Loss […]

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