Success Stories

“Good discussion and provides a quality briefing of personal health status a long with in depth look at other necessary measurements.” – L.A. 12/17/18

“I have been seeing Dr Purcell for just over a year. In that year I have lost 65 pounds and lowered my A1-C. I have felt very supported by Dr Purcell and her staff of nutritionists, nurses and receptions. I am so glad my primary care doctor referred me to Capital Diabetes & Weight Loss Center!” – B.M. 12/5/18

“listens, results, no other doctor could get me healthy and off meds! i’m now 60lbs down! She is a genius” – J.R. 11/29/18

“I’ve been to several doctors to treat my type II diabetes over the past 10 years and Dr, Purcell is the only one that has helped me achieve success. My A1C has gone down 2.5 points in 6 months. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and listens to your personal needs. I feel very fortunate to have her as my doctor.” – L.A. 11/15/18

“I had given up on ever getting healthy. I was 52 years old and dying of hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Through a series of events I ended up with Dr. Purcell and her staff treating me. She grabbed my hands, looked me straight in the eye and said- “Rick, we can beat this, you are going to get healthy!” I didn’t believer her at first, but now I have lost over 61 pounds, my A1C is coming down and I have hope again. I’m going to live to see my grand kids! I am so grateful to Dr. Purcell!” – R.M. 11/7/18

“Dr Purcell is great always educating me on my weight loss journey fixing me to set myself up for a life healthy mind set and to live life. I also have to say the Staff is wonderful and always helpful. I would recommend all my friends and family to her.” – J.T. 11/6/18

“I have learned how to eat and fill full and control my eating.. Thank you” – Anonymous 11/5/18

“When i first started I was out of shape no energy for a long time, now I am feeling great full of energy got my life ambition back and living life. I am 51 yrs. old bur i do feel like i am a 25 yr. old kid again all thanks to Dr. Purcell and the amazing staff at CDWLC.” – L.T. 11/5/18

I can’t explain how healthy I feel. I have not felt this good and energetic for 20 years. The ability Dr.Purcell has to hone in on what my body needed to start burning fat is amazing to me. I am a medical professional and in spite of all my knowledge I struggled endlessly with weight loss. However, the support from the medicines, helped my body respond in a way I couldn’t get it to do with just diet. I am happy with the eating plan and do not miss the carbs I so frequently indulged in!” – W.B. 11/1/18

“When first introduced to Dr. Purcell I was overweight and suffering with Type II diabetes. My previous physicians were excellent, but failed to trigger my motivation to undertake important changes. Not so with Dr. Purcell – she was extremely clear in explaining my medical issues and very, very comprehensive in her ongoing assessment of my body chemistry. She did in fact motivate me to lose weight and control my blood sugar, as well as other factors that impinge on my health. She is the best!” – S.S. 10/31/18

I was sick and felt like I was dying at 41 years old when I came to see Dr. Purcell, just eight months ago. Since then I have lost over 100 pounds and have completely turned my life around. I feel 100% better in all aspects of my life. This is the first time in my life I haven’t been hungry. Seeing results like this and feeling like I have my life back just motivates me further! I cannot begin to thank Dr. Purcell and her staff for helping to save my life!” – A.D. 10/23/18

“Dr. Purcell is very knowledgable. She is a fast talker but makes sure that you are keeping up with all she has to say. she is very energetic and motivating. she has a great attitude. I enjoy my appointments with her, I think they are vital for my weight loss journey.” – D.C. 10/17/18

“The first step is the hardest…but you know that because you’ve tried everything before finding Dr. Purcell. Knowledge is power and it’s a great feeling knowing the past failures were NOT caused by lack of willpower or motivation..there is a chemical reason!! I’ll never regret the knowledge I’ve gained and the way I feel after becoming a patient of Dr. Purcell’s. I’m down 70+ lbs..and continuing toward my goal… I can’t wait to see where I end!” – J.R. 10/17/18

“I finally made the decision to seek out support this year after having gestational diabetes 4 times, having pre-diabetic A1C numbers, and watching my father go through a kidney transplant due to diabetes. I’m so thankful I was connected with the Capital Diabetes & Weight Loss Center. I have learned a ton changed my eating habits, and as a result, changed my life. I’m feeling (and looking) so much better and am no longer pre-diabetic. Can’t thank Dr Purcell and her team enough!” – S.A. 10/11/18

“I cant say enough about Dr. Purcell, Thank you so much! Moving from NY and only being on Trulicity, which help get me from 230 to 187. But Dr. Purcell in a short 7 mths, knew the right key to active to get me even lower which is now 156 and more active and feeling great. She has been the best thing that has happened to me since being in WA.” – V.H. 10/8/18

“Dr. Purcell has changed my life. Before I became her patient I was overweight, exhausted, starting to have high blood pressure, joint pain, and the list goes on. I have been seeing her for 8 months. I have lost 60 pounds, have more energy, sleep better, and I don’t feel deprived. I have learned about sugar and insulin and what it does to your body. I can’t thank Dr. Purcell enough for everything she has done. I have a new life and it is amazing!” – L.K. 10/4/18

“Great experience” – K.B. 10/2/18

“Dr. Purcell makes me think, use my brain to help make my self better. With her help I have lost 60 lbs and gone down 3 almost 4 pant sizes. She will reassure me when I have doubts that I am not doing what is needed to keep the carbs away and the weight down.” – Anonymous 9/24/18

“I began to see Dr. Purcell in January of 2018. It is now September and I have lost a total of 75 pounds. I feel better, I have more energy, and my life has truly begun to change because of how much better my health is. My blood pressure is normal, my type 2 diabetes is under control for the first time since I was diagnosed. Dr. Purcell takes the time to understand what is going on with your health and crafts a plan tailored to your individual situation. She has a great staff too!” – D.T. 9/19/18

“She is amazing, always upbeat, and motivating. She makes me feel excited for the future of my weigh loss journey.” – C.R. 9/18/18

I’m very happy coming here and learning to take better care of myself and improving my health. Before finding this clinic, I thought it was too late for me to improve my health, but they have proven me wrong about that and keep me encouraged to keep on getting better. I can’t say “thank you” enough.” – A.W. 8/14/18

“Very helpful and knowledgeable staff caring and helpful” – A.H. 8/8/18

“Dr. Purcell is always providing me with information that I can absorb and understand. She seems to know when I am not grasping a concept and is great at restating it until it is an interpretation that I can grasp. She has made a big difference in my life both physically and mentally.” – N.C. 7/17/18

“I was referred from my primary doctor to Capital Diabetes & Weight Loss Center in Nov. 2017. To date I have lost 39 pounds and it has been almost painless. Dr Purcell is awesome and knows exactly how to help each patient lose weight. She targets the metabolic issues and it makes it easy to lose weight. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone that needs to lose weight.” – Anonymous 7/9/18

“I started this journey in October 2017. Since then I have learned so much from Dr Purcell about how the body processes glucose and the keto diet. I am down about 45 pounds now and she is helping me to remove the impacts of all the visceral fat. I feel great and a lot of my aches and pains have been reduced. This method of weight loss and Dr Purcell’s program are great.” – D.J. 7/3/18

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