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Metabolic Syndrome & Weight Loss Classes in Olympia

What are metabolic syndrome & medical weight loss / management classes?

Medical weight loss services and weight management classes at Shawna Purcell, MD are individual or small group informative sessions designed for patients with metabolic syndrome, as well as their loved ones. Weight loss and metabolic syndrome classes are personalized to the unique needs of our patients and include various topics related to medical weight loss and medical weight management. Our primary goal of offering these classes is to provide patients with the guidance, structure, and strategies needed to control their weight and reduce the health risks of metabolic syndrome, which include heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Classes are run by our team of dedicated weight loss and metabolic specialists, which includes a board-certified internal medicine physician, advanced registered nurse practitioner, registered dietitians and certified diabetes educator.

What can I expect to learn during medical weight loss & weight management classes?

Losing weight can be challenging, as is managing weight loss long-term. Learning to maintain a stable and healthy weight is a different experience for everyone. At Shawna Purcell, MD our weight loss specialists give you the knowledge and tools to empower you to feel confident and capable of both losing weight and keeping that weight off.

Our classes offer personalized medical weight loss education designed to:

  • Establish a personalized nutrition plan for weight loss and weight management
  • Establish a personalized exercise plan for weight loss and weight management
  • Inform patients about their treatment options and the available tools to control their weight and metabolic syndrome

Our informative classes give you the know-how and personalized support that you need to reach your weight goals and stay healthy long-term.

Who is a good candidate for medical weight loss / management classes?

When facing it alone, metabolic syndrome / medical weight loss can be overwhelming and confusing. Attending our classes will supply you with the tools and support you need to confidently lose weight and manage your condition. If you have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome or are experiencing more than one of the following conditions, you may benefit from our classes:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Excess body fat in the midsection / waist
  • Abnormal cholesterol levels
  • Abnormal triglyceride levels

What are the advantages of attending medical weight loss / management classes?

Choosing to take control of your health and weight loss by attending our personalized medical weight loss / management classes weight loss service offers the following benefits:

  • Meet your goal weight with the support and guidance of trained physicians
  • Learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that keeps the extra weight off long-term
  • Discover strategies and tools for managing metabolic syndrome
  • Receive personalized, expert guidance on a number of topics, including any personal questions or interests

If you or a loved one has metabolic syndrome and you want to learn more about our medical weight loss / weight management or metabolic syndrome classes, the first step is to contact Shawna Purcell, MD, Diabetes & Weight Loss Center in Olympia, Washington. Our clinic is home to a team of medical experts with extensive experience in medical weight loss services. Call 360-596-4614 today or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment now.

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